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I was born in Michigan, son of an interior designer mother and mechanical engineer father. My life was always surrounded with creative energies; mom changing the vibe of rooms in our home and dad with mechanical drawings for me to “review”.


I knew from an early age that I wanted to leave my mark on the world as a creative. I enrolled at Purdue University to study Interior design in 1989, before taking a detour as a mortgage broker that lasted the better part of 15 years.


Throughout my mortgage career, I was able to create a beautiful home for myself and was often asked to help family, friends and friends of friends create beautiful rooms. So in the summer of 2005, I packed up my bags and headed west to Seattle Washington, charting a new course working for a major furniture manufacturer for a few years before joining the in-house interior design team at Schoenfeld Interiors. In 2015 I moved to Baltimore, joined the team at Jenkins Baer and immersed myself in the east coast vibe working on projects up and down the east coast, New York, Philadelphia, DC and Florida.


I founded Matthew Craig Interiors in 2018, back in Seattle, the city I love. I love conceptual architecture and my appreciation for quality craftsmanship has become my obsession and it's one share with clients who have a real desire to live surrounded by beauty.


To see our latest work, follow us on Instagram @matthew_craig_interiors

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